The Boston Red Sox recently signed pitcher David  Price on a seven-year, $217 million contract, which happens to be a world record prompting questions about How can a MLB franchise spend such astronomic amounts to acquire services of baseball players.

Just to give you a perspective – David Price is the highest paid player in MLB with $217 million, where as the lowest paid MLB player Jeff Samardzija (Pitcher- San Francisco Giants) gets $90 million compare this to measly $22.9 million apparently the highest paid basketballer in NBA earns.

Research showed that MLB players get hefty contracts because the clubs are wealthy, earning monies from central and individual television and digital broadcast deals and the fact that there is no concept of salary capping in MLB.

Following is an infographic highlighting facts that contribute in making MLB players rich with massive contracts.


mlb player contracts


Why MLB players are the highest paid athletes in pro sports

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min