Daily Fantasy Sports is the next immensely popular online game, similar to the arrival of Poker a decade ago, and the incredible growth of the industry in the USA is the best proof of that.

Fantasy sports can be dated all the way to 1950’s when Wilfred Winkenbach devised fantasy golf, in which each player selected a team of professional golfers and the person with the lowest combined total of strokes at the end of the tournament would win.

Cut to 2015 where we are armed with internet and softwares making fantasy sports bigger and better.

Fantasy sports markets are mainly USA, Canada, UK and other parts in APAC.

  • In 2015, there are 56.8 million people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada.
  • On average, fantasy sports players spend $465 on league-related costs, single-player challenge games, and league-related materials over a 12-month period.
  • Players are more interested in sports because of fantasy. 61% say they are watching more live sports because of fantasy. 60% say they read more about sports because of fantasy.
  • Daily Fantasy Sports players participate in a wide array of sports throughout the year.
  • Sports like Soccer, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Nascar and College Basketball are the popular sports.
  • Sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings offer upto $1 million as cash prizes for participants.

The infographic below highlights the industry and its potential, with a thought on how fantasy sports can play an important role in taking on sports betting (more on this in future blogs).


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What we can learn from fantasy league market in USA

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min