Max Siegel is best known as the CEO, President and Chairperson of USA Track & Field (only the fourth CEO of USATF). Max is also entrepreneur, entertainment executive, multicultural activist and attorney with experience managing many sports and entertainment properties.

Max is the reason behind the turn around of USATF. He swiftly moved into lifting the profile of USATF and in the process got in sponsorships into USATF and also revamped training programs and structured the association resulting in steady growth in net assets and cut in operational costs at USATF. Jackie Joyner-Kersee calls Max a ‘ We man’, someone who works for and values the concept of teamwork.

The only possible question mark that was raised towards Max since he took over as the CEO of USATF was the Nike sponsorship deal. The structure of the deal was criticised however; it clearly works in favour of USATF.

His contribution to sports goes beyond athletics. He also owns Max Siegel Inc.

Max Siegel Inc. (MSI) is a marketing and media agency that specialises in sports, entertainment and multicultural marketing created by Max Siegel. MSI works with brands to meet lifestyle, entertainment and diversity needs in different industries. MSI’s core capabilities include grassroots outreach, multicultural marketing, brand management, advertising, mainstream marketing, social media, licensing, content creation, talent representation and media rights.

However, what Max did at USATF is something that goes down in history and his entrepreneurial spirit is best explained in the info graphic below.


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How Max Siegel turned around USA Track & Field

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min