Indian Premier League is back and amidst new controversies the Cricket swan song seems to be peaking as days go by. There are mixed stories in the market regarding declining viewerships , sponsors changing hands, franchises on sale, celebs missing from teams and bad response when it comes to in stadium attendance but the franchises have struck gold with sponsorships.

Sponsorship rates are up by 10-15% as compared to last season and it is believed that INR 300 crores have been earned between the eight franchises this year.

Another metric to prove teams have struck gold with sponsorships is last year’s champions Kolkata Knight Riders commanding a 15% increase in pricing attributing it to having the biggest fan base and to no one’s surprise getting they have closed all spots available on the kit.

Contrary to beliefs in the market Indian Premier League’s reach and ratings are on an upswing. Indian Premier Leagues reach is up by almost 91.4 million in 6 years. In 2008 the reach was 100 million as compared to the reach in 2014 at 191.4 million and ratings in 2o13 were at 3.2 and 2014 the ratings were marginally up to 3.6.

For other details on sponsorships please see the infographic below:

IPL sponsorship report 2015




Indian Premier League Sponsorship Report 2015

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min