Indian Premier League (IPL) seems to be in a fix once again with the Indian Supreme Court demanding a detailed investigation over involvement in match fixing spiralling into structure of the club ownership etc. Whilst investigations go on and more dirt on Chennai Super Kings is dished out making their position very weak there comes a million dollar question – Will the IPL sponsors continue partnering with the league or will they protect their reputation and steer away from the controversial league.

Recently Emirates Airways The multi-billion-dollar airline became the first high-profile sponsor to drop its deal with FIFA since corruption allegations surfaced over the summer that questioned the soccer body’s decision to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, respectively and Sony Corp. is set to follow Emirates in ending their $280m sponsorship deal with FIFA for the same reasons and other partners like Visa and Mc Donald’s have also expressed concerns and may reconsider their association with FIFA.

Brands like Pepsi who have an INR 200 Crore sponsorship deal with IPL and it will be interesting to see if they choose to be associated with IPL. Ideally global brands like Pepsi who are amongst the top sponsors of sports are concerned and they have an image to protect.

If all CSK sponsors cancel their sponsorships the team will lose INR 45 Crore plus other revenues.

To get an understanding of what will IPL be without CSK I have put numbers into an info graph below.


chennai super kings impact on ipl



Can IPL afford to lose CSK franchise?

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min