1. Keep harping about India’s Golden Footballing past

To start with India had no Golden Years in the past, but again depends what is ones definition of Golden years but honestly India finishing at olympics , getting invited to play a World Cup and declining the invitation because players wouldn’t wear shoes – these cannot contribute to the Golden Age of Indian Football.

Golden would have been if we could qualified from Asia for world cups in the past, sadly countries like Iran and North Korea have qualified for the world cup but not our mighty India.

2. Stop talking about Grass root development and act on it

One of the two most cliche lines in Indian football “Development of grassroots football” and the other being “Sleeping Giant”.

Grass root development – let’s execute it and not talk about it. Its been 8 years since I have been writing on sports but and I have only been hearing this, never really saw anything happen.

The good news is that with International clubs opening up academies in India first steps have been taken and although its not accessible to all kids at least the efforts have begun and efforts of  organisations like DSK (Liverpool FC) and India On Track (Arsenal FC) have to be appreciated.

ISL also has asked their franchises to focus on development which is great but when will AIFF invest in this and take to interiors of India?

Maybe AIFF should take a leaf out of ATP book and study their Mini Tennis model that created a surge of players from tennis obscure nations like Argentina for example. So stop the talk and walk the walk on Grass Root development of football.


 3. Start drawing comparisons between ISL and other leagues

Oh my god! What a spectacle the ISL opening was! An absolute treat and a great  way of announcing to the world that football has arrived in India. Kudos to IMG-R,  AIFF and STAR for making this happen.

While the 8 teams slug it out to win the inaugural ISL, over enthusiastic and self  proclaimed football pundits must refrain from drawing comparisons with other  leagues in football and IPL or the I – League.


This is ISL it has its own place and allow it to grow and it needs time, so please reserve your comments.

India has come a long way to creates its identity and with the grand launch of ISL the “Golden Age of Indian Football” has started to take shape.

So, let’s stop living in the past and let’s look forward to the developments in Indian football and create a positive sentiment about the beautiful game in India.

Let’s Football!




3 Things Indian football enthusiasts should avoid saying post ISL launch

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 2 min