The IEG group recently shared information on the contribution of Cola companies in global sport sponsorships. The facts and figures clearly indicate that cola companies are the top 2 categories of companies spending monies on sport sponsorships.

Pepsico are by far the biggest investors in sport sponsorship followed by Coca Cola. How they engage in sponsorship based communication with their respective TG is also a very interesting case study in itself.

When it comes to sport Pepsico lead Coca cola on over all spends by a handsome margin and in terms of spends on sport too Pepsico leads the race.

All the details on spends and top deals (associations) by Pepsico and Coca cola are documented in the infographic below:


cola sponsorships in sports



How much do soft drink companies contribute to global sport sponsorship

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min