Motorsport has now become cleaner, greener and leaner with the arrival of Formula E racing and with a successful debut of the season in Beijing where the sport witnessed a collision, talented female racers, reunion of ex F1 racers, winning debut for Audi Sport team and a celebration of innovation albeit in its infancy.

10 teams will be fighting it out to win a gruelling season of 10 tracks and the winning driver will net a prize of $5 Million.  The races will take teams to countries like China, Uruguay, Malaysia, Argentina, USA, England, Monaco, Berlin and one still to be announced venue rumoured to be Rio.

Formula E will be telecasted Live in 90 countries and the 1 day format of racing with loads of content on technology, innovation and racing will surely draw motor racing enthusiasts across the world.


Some Interesting facts

  • Actor Leonardo Di Caprio is a partner in the Monaco based Venturi GP team.
  • The electricity used to charge up the cars will be supplied by generators burning a waste product called glycerol, which is a by-product of bio-diesel. It has no sulphur emissions and is non-toxic.
  • Logistics supremo DHL are tasked with transporting 41 cars, 45 potentially volatile lithium battery packs, two 1000kW generators and more than 200 Michelin tyres to each race venue.
  • Season one will feature two female racers, with Amlin Aguri’s Katherine Legge joining Trulli GP’s Michela Cerruti on the grid. 


Infographic on Formula E

Formula E explanied




Everything you need to know about Formula E

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