As we move into peak summer time in india the only sigh of relief to millions of cricket fans is IPL’s new season.

This year IPL moves into it’s sixth season and promises to be bigger than ever before. The teams have bought their players after a busy auction and re all set for the season starting early april. Promotions have begun in full swing to reach out to the masses and fans are ready for the show to begin.

A new season brings in new changes and IPL Season 6 doesn’t fail to deliver. We have listed 5 areas which

1. New Promotions – After a successful promotional campaign last year IPL returns with new promotions this year and they feature Farah Khan randomly teaching various target audience specimens how to do a whacky step to celebrate your favorite player’s/team’s success on pitch. The best feature of the dance is it can be done sitting on your cozy sofa’s too. You can watch the SET Max IPL 6 promos here

2. New Sponsors – IPL has got onboard a new sponsors in Pepsi India squashing all doubts and concerns about the escalating costs of sponsorships set by IPL. On the team front too there will be a lot of movement in sponsorships. We reckon teams like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Rajasthan and Kings XI will be the most active  teams in terms of getting new sponsors on board.

3. New look uniforms – Gone are the days where the famous 3 stripes of Adidas were clearly shouting brand Adidas on Mumbai, Delhi and Pune kits. This year IPL has walked down the IOC route and has asked kit partners to mellow down on branding. It’s now up to the teams to show off their creativity and bring out the best in terms of kit design with subtle kit sponsor branding.

4. New Venues – Kings play their games in Dharmashala started the trend and this year the trend continues with KKR and Delhi Daredevils playing games out side their cities.KKR will be playing couple of games in Ranchi and the daredevils will be playing in Raipur. Apparently tickets for the Raipur games are sold out and Raipur is ready to welcome the IPL party to their city.

5. New approach towards Loyalty building – IPL Season 6 will become the stepping stone in terms of Loyalty building amongst fans and teams are going all out to ensure reach out to their fan base online and off line by means of loyalty cards, memberships, new merchandise like action figures and other such team based toys and products which will be a refreshing change and welcome addition to IPL team’s effort of building loyal fan base.

What’s New in IPL this year – Five things to look out for in IPL 6

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 2 min