Year 2012 was an exciting year in world sports. The success of individual and team in multiple sports and the successful London Olympic games were the major highlights of this years sporting calendar. On the contrary 2012 also witnessed some shocking cases of events that have tarnished the very fine fibre of sports namely Racism, Doping, Cheating, Manipulating and Corruption in sports associations. In this article we have highlighted events form India, USA, UK, Holland and other countries that shook the sports world.

Following are the Top 5 events that shook the sports world:

1. India gets suspended by International Olympic Committee 

Country : India

Sport: Indian Olympic Association/Multiple Sports Associations

What happened: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was alreay under the International Olympic Committee (IOC) scanner for corruption post Commonwealth Games 2010 leading to a jail term and sacking of Suresh Kalmadi and the recent IOA elections was the ultimate insult to sports in India. IOA violated IOC rules for contesting elections to elect IOA president. Abhey Singh Chautala won the election without any opposition and the tainted Lalit Bhanot returned as secretary to which IOC issued a suspension to IOA.

This truly was the most embarrassing moment in Indian sports.


2. Sporting legends Armstrong and Dettori caught in Doping cases

Country : USA/Italy

Sport: Cycling and Horse Racing

What happened: Seven times Tour de France winner and an inspiration to millions of people Lance Armstrong was stripped off all his titles for being involved in a very highly sophisticated doping scandal that rocked the cycling world. When the news broke out it was hard to believe but the news opened up the age long debate of doping in cycling. When Lance Armstrong accepted the allegations he subsequently lost sponsorship deals besides his titles. However, his charity ‘LIVESTRONG’  continues to operate and he still is involved in the charity.

While Armstrong’s case was a highly sophisticated doping scandal Dettori’s was a senseless and irresponsible case of drug usage. Frankie Dettori the most celebrated jockey in the history of horse racing. Frankie was banned from horse racing for six months after being tested positive for cocaine consumption while riding in Paris in September this year.

Frankie admitted he was “ashamed and embarrassed” after being banned for six months over a positive drugs test and said the sanction would leave a permanent stain on his reputation.



3. Football Linesman beaten to death

Country : Holland

Sport: Football

What happened: A Dutch linesman officiating in his son’s youth football match has dies a day after being beaten and kicked by several players during a game. Richard Nieuwenhuizen collapsed and was rushed to the hospital hours after players from Amsterdam club Nieuw Sloten punched and kicked him following the match. This incident questions footballs fair play policy and highlights security issues at grass root levels.


4. The big badminton scandal at London games

Country : Asian Nations

Sport: Badminton

What happened: London Olympics 2012 was a major success and a true celebration of global sports. There were athletes who worked hard to win medals and there were athletes who tried to bend the rules to win medals. Eight badminton players were involved in a match-fixing scandal at the Olympic badminton tournament players from  were disqualified. Four players from South Korea, two from Indonesia and two from China appealed against their ban for match fixing. These badminton players were further embarrassed when their ban appeal was rejected which means they won’t be allowed to participate at Rio 2016 games too. Perfect punishment for crossing the thin line between bending the rules and out right cheating.



5. Zenith St. Petersburg FC fans demanding an all white players team

Country : Russia

Sport: Football

What happened: Football has had it’s fair share of controversies in 2012. English football where global cultures meet to compete in the league experienced unnecessary problems whit high profile incidents like Suarez v Evra and Terry v Ferdinand but this issue breaks all barriers of racism in football.

Landscrona, the largest fan club of the Russian champions Zenit St Petersburg supporters’ group called for non-white and gay players to be excluded from the team., However they deny that they are racist, instead citing the club’s tradition as the reason for their forthright views. Zenith was the only Russian team with no black players until this year when they broke their tradition and signed Hulk and Vitsel which possibly triggered the reaction from Landscrona. This incident as condemned by football fans all over the world.

Another incident that is linked with Zenith was that apparently M’Vila the french footballer declined the offer to join the club because he received death threats.

This has shaken the football world especially with Russia hosting the World Cup in 2018 the question everyone has is will the non white players and fans be safe in Russia or will hooliganism prevail and tarnish Russia’s reputation only time will tell.


Five events that shook the sports world in 2012

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 4 min