IOA’s pseudo rebels

Our politicians seem to take ‘Chalta Hain’ attitude way too seriously so much so that they assume even foreigners have to adapt it if they want to do anything in India. IOC however were in no mood to adapt the Indian ways and thus was born our first Epic Fail of 2012. IOC were not happy with IOA’s election process and warned IOA that they will get the boot if they continued to carry on with an election process that goes against the Olympic charter. Yet again our officials defied the odds and went on with the elections which had only 1 candidate and now we are paying the price by getting banned! Do our officials really think they can lure IOC to reverse their decision without cleaning up their act? Our stupid sports administrators need to understand that they cannot have things done their way nor should they act like rebels because their defiance makes them look like jokers.

Return of Lalit Bhanot – The Tainted Phantom

I just don’t get it – How on earth did Lalit Bhanot make a come back to IOA General Secretary post that too in the middle of the IOA suspension turmoil? How? It’s just beyond my understanding!

Pro Bhanot fans (if there are any other than Suresh Kalmadi) may argue he was not proven guilty in CWG scam but he is a tainted official who has strange perceptions on cleanliness and standard of living (his infamous comment during CWG Delhi) lets face it he is tainted and thats the bottom line.

What makes this guy an epic fail is that after getting a suspension notice he had the cheek to communicate with sports governing bodies finding out what their budgets were for an upcoming tournament? This prompted IOC intervention. For his ignorance and carelessness Return of Lalit Bhanot – the tainted Phantom is one of the biggest fails in Indian sports this year.

Sportscode, what?

If there is an award for buzzword of the year – Sportscode has got to be the unanimous winner!

Sportscode is nothing but a set of criteria that one needs to follow in order to contest elections for the President’s post in Indian sports associations. This term has been used very often off lately and honestly it is no different from the Olympic charter, only difference Sportscode has been violated time and again by power hungry politicians who need to shed off their ego’s  and leave personal interes behind.

Soon after IOA’s suspension there was swift action on cracking down violators who administered Boxing, Athletics and many such Olympic affiliated sports associations in India.

We really don’t need fat, old, money grabbing and power hungry politicians running sports associations for 10, 12, 15 years…just lay off and let the newer generation run the show.

IMG-R & AIFF – On a brink of a breakdown 

IMG-R & AIFF was once dubbed as a match made in heaven however a few years later this relationship is become like a divorce waiting to happen but not happening because either parties do not have monies to pay for alimony! Many 5 year plan onwards this deal was seen as a light towards the end of the dark Indian football tunnel but that was just a mirage as IMG-R has failed to deliver big time and I League clubs have lost all hopes on both the parties. Failure to get sponsors and securing television right are just a few of the issues that cheesed off clubs to form a body to fight for their rights even there IMG-R has failed to answer questions related to future plans. For all these reasons IMG-R & AIFF relationship has got to be one of the top Epic Fails in Indian sports in 2012

The BIG picture issue – The Hidden Tour

This is a tricky one. BCCI refuses agencies like Getty Images accreditation for photographs, asks BBC and SKY Sports for extra money for ball by ball coverage, of course its for the money but the British press didn’t want to succumb to BCCI pressure and decided to protest by drawing stick art illustrations depicting events at the Test matches that happened in India. The British press reckon that BCCI is not letting them practice freedom of press.

The issue flared up so much that IOC also commented on this:

IOC Press Commission Chairman Kevan Gosper called on cricket’s governing body, the International Cricket Council, to intervene to allow news organisations free access to the cricket games between two of the world’s top teams.

International news organisations, including The Associated Press, suspended text and photo coverage of England’s cricket tour of India on Wednesday because of new restrictions introduced by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

“The IOC strongly disagrees with these moves by the BCCI,” Gosper said in a statement, “which we believe are a direct attack on the freedom of the media to report from sporting events, and shows contempt for the sporting public around the world who would otherwise like to follow these important matches.” (source: Telegraph)

BCCI continues it’s stand off with the much anticipated India v Pakistan series – This too will be dubbed as The Hidden Tour!!

Five Epic Fails in Indian Sports this year

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 4 min