The ongoing internal battle in IOA to choose right candidates and to contest elections to appoint a new IOA President has got murkier this week with IOC giving an ultimatum of sorts to IOA to provide a final plan  which the IOA has defaulted. This irresponsible behavior has lead to IOC issuing a ban threat for not complying with the rules on choosing right candidates to stand for election. If IOA were to get banned from Olympics it will be a disaster of epic proportions. What can be the implications of this ban to India? Who will feel the impact the most?

Following are 5 impacts IOA/India will have to prepare for if the ban goes through:

1. Current athletes – This particular category will feel the effect of the ban the most. If India was to get banned from Olympics, athletes training to represent India at Rio 2016 will only see their efforts going in vain.

2. Grass Root development – The tremors of the ban on India may reach the grass root development of sports in India. Parents who have a positive outlook towards sports as a professional career will doubt sports as a career for their children. similarly, Sports associations will feel the hit badly. Sports associations and federations in India get partial funding from IOC and if the funding stops there can be serious implications on grass root development of sports in India.

3. Relation with Corporates – Sports rely heavily on sponsorships. IOA’s relation with corporates will nose dive to an extent  of isolation from the corporate sector in India. Non olympic sports like Cricket have always been in the forefront of attracting sponsorships and the sport may continue to attract more sponsorships with core performing olympic sports being shunned by corporates. IOA be ready for a mass exodus of corporate sponsorships.

4.  Sports Administration – The government of india will have to stand up and take notice of the situation and accept their shortcomings and ignorance towards sports in india. Hopefully politicians who run sports associations will get the sack and actual athletes should get an opportunity to rule the roost.(Wishful thinking)

5. India as a nation –  India as a nation has already tarnished it’s reputation thanks to the CWG fiasco also we as a nation have failed in winning bids for international sports events. The IOC ban will be a big jolt to our reputation one more time and there are chances that we may not end up getting an opportunity  to organize big sports events and we will also have to spend several years rebuilding our image.



5 potential impacts of IOA’s ban from IOC – The Harsh Reality

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 2 min