On the basis of Football Federation Australia (FFA), being incompetent at both a domestic and international level, Clive Palmer has set up a rebel association aptly called Football Australia (FA). Football Australia hired former Hyundai A-League boss Archie Fraser as the CEO, however it seems that they have impulsively set up a rebel association that has no clear intent of what do next. Ideally their main aim is or should be setting up a breakaway league, however within a few days of formation Football Australia has done a u turn and now claim they will play a role of being the watch dogs over the badly managed FFA – This clearly shows FA ‘s lack of intent and aimlessness in direction.

What to expect next

Keeping in mind Clive Palmers reputation (60+ pending cases on his head) and his comments about the game clearly indicates his confused state of mind. This I reckon is not the most positive way to take the rebel association forward. Archie Fraser coming in may be the only hope of landing loyalty from teams who would want to breakaway for reasons like more money, money and only money or will FFA intervene and lay down strict policies and slap dire consequences on rebel teams just like how BCCI got in to kick out the rebel league and form IPL. FFA has a tough task of booting FA out use this opportunity to work on strengthening reforms and improving the league – it’s all upto them but in this ultimate example of fantasy football management of the super rich it’s certain that football fans in Australia are the victims and no fans really deserve to be dragged into the what seems to be a battle of two associations.


Football Australia – The Rebel League

by Nilesh Deshmukh time to read: 1 min